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Algorismi-The School

Algorismi (Zaib Academy, Our Mother Institute) was founded in 1986 in Shadbagh Lahore. With more than 30 years of teaching experience we can help you tackle more of the issues facing your Child. Algorismi has presence across the Educational Life Cycle spanning an age group starting from age two and moving on to address students over 25 years of age.

Our Vision is to transform the teaching-learning processes by empowering teachers and encouraging children to acquire knowledge and gain clarity of concepts.

With quarter of a century of educational services, we are proud of our national service history. Helping hundreds of thousands of students to excel in their educational goals makes us feel happier & even more proud.

It is important to understand that Algorismi is a community and that there is a place here for everyone. We are a vibrant and thriving mix of people, cultures and ideas. Whether your child is into sports or music, whether they are academically gifted or inspired by art or whether they have particular, special needs, we can help them to develop their talents. Or perhaps they don’t yet know what appeals to them most about learning and the school environment? So then, we will discover together.

However, remember that a school’s reputation is inevitably ‘behind-the-times’. A school is not ‘good’ because its reputation is good. It is vital to trust your own instincts. Aim to judge the school now, as you see it, rather than on any reputation it may have.

Much like you do as parents, we look after your children today so; they can look forward their future, tomorrow. We support them when times are difficult and we delight in their successes.


Child Development Center

Algorismi is a synergy of Child development & Early Learning Program, which offers your kid a wide range of facilities to enjoy, learn & grow.

Each day, experiences provided are based on the student’s interest. These include art, puzzles, blocks, clay, dramatic play, drawing and writing, constructive toys, computer, books, sand, active and imaginative play, gardening, storytelling and music. Algorismi offers a comprehensive and stimulating early childhood education within a foreign language environment. The language center in human brain undergoes the greatest development in the first 5 years of life, exposing a child to a second language at an early age broadens cognitive ability in later years.

A predictable yet flexible schedule allows children to learn in a safe & warm environment. A student’s experience at Algorismi incorporates a wide range of activities

Individualized Learning

Personalized Learning Plan

The ALGORISMI Personalized Learning Plan spells out for our Teachers what work the child is required to do in each lesson. The lessons are split into bite-size chunks to enable the child to move forward in small increments. With this method of teaching, a child sees results quickly, thus building confidence and creating enthusiasm to move forward.

The lessons aim to eliminate possible weak areas while enhancing natural talent, creating enthusiasm for learning and building children’s confidence. Each child works to his or her own set schedule and is therefore not competing with others. Children can also bring problems, which they may be having with their school work or with set homework, to their ALGORISMI class, thus providing them with immediate solutions. This helps to improve confidence in their school life in addition to aiding them with set work.

Learning Steps

The Algorismi Learning Steps

Step 1: Diagnosis of need (Assessment Tests)

Step 2:Formulation of objectives (Goal Setting & Aptitude Tests)

Step 3:Selection of content (Personalized Learning Plan)

Step 4: Organization of content

Step 5: Selection of learning experiences (Pedagogical Tools)

Step 6: Organization of learning experiences

Step 7: Determination of what to evaluate and of the ways and means of doing it. (Evaluation & Reporting)


The PAISA Assessment

We first provide the child with a full PAISA(Pakistan Academic & Intelligence Student Assessment) Assessment to assess where help may be needed.

The assessments we provide vary depending on what the child may be experiencing difficulty with. Assessments can cover Mathematics, English, Reading and Spelling, or a combination of any of these elements. The tests are selected depending on your child’s age. An 11+ plus assessment will look at Verbal and Nonverbal reasoning as well as mathematics and English. In general, assessments take from one to two hours to complete and are designed to thoroughly test a child’s ability and standards of achievement. Each of the PAISA Assessments is linked to the national curriculum. It is the results of these first assessments that are fed into the PAISA program that help us create a personalised learning plan.

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