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Education is conceived as a powerful agency

Education is conceived as a powerful agency, which is instrumental in bringing about the desired changes in the social and cultural life of a nation. The whole process of education is shaped and molded by the human personality called the “teacher”, who plays a pivotal role in any system of education. The preparation of such an important functionary must conceivably get the highest priority. His is a challenging profession and only those teachers can shoulder the heavy responsibilities of nation building, who are adequately prepared and have sound professional attitude.

This adequacy of preparation, of course, signifies development of adequate skills, dedication to teaching and a determination for continuous growth and learning. Teachers are expected to use the best practices and strategies to meet challenge demands of their career. If the teachers are well trained and highly motivated, learning will be enhanced. The teaching profession demands a clear set goals, love for profession and obviously the more favourable attitude towards the profession. Pakistan needs a well-trained and professionally sound teachers and a lot of responsibility falls on teacher training institutions. In this perspective these institution should make painstaking efforts to equip the prospective teachers not only with teaching skills but also try to promote the positive professional attitude in them.


Child Development Associate Certificate

Algazel Teachers' Training Institute offers 6 months certificate & 1 year diploma program for "Child Development Associate". Algazel guarantees job after diploma program.


Parenting Workshops

Algazel arranges 80+ Parenting workshops annualy. We offer our services to different schools nationwide. How many times have you read a book on parenting and felt that some of the information was useful, but some just didn’t quite fit your child? Although there are many helpful parenting tools available, it can be difficult to get information that is targeted specifically for your child. That is what is so special about our workshop, One Size Doesn’t Fit All- Understanding Your Unique Child.


National Outreach Program

We have a roadshow coming up for 72 district around Pakistan. Algazel will train more than 10000 teachers nationally.


Algazel Volunteers

We already have more than 50 volunteers to train the trainers. Algazel is planning to broaden its volunteer base. Now, we also need student volunteers in schools & coleges.

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