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Pakistan has the history of Thousands of years of Mental Arithmetic-Teaching the World

"Five merchants together buy a jewel. Its price is equal to half the money possessed by the first together with the money possessed by the others, or one-third the money possessed by the second together with the moneys of the others, or one-fourth the money possessed by the third together with the moneys of the others...etc. Find the price of the jewel and the money possessed by each merchant.” Can your 6 year old Kid solve this 6000 year old Mental Arithmetic problem in 30 seconds?

Not, if he/she has not gone through whole brain development training-Bakhshali Neurobics.

Pakistanis used to teach this kind of mental arithmetic to the world miniumum 2000 years ago in Bakhshali village near Peshawar. But now;

In Pakistan-out of school children, who work in shops and factories, were found to be somewhat better in mental arithmetic than in-school children.

Whole Brain

Whole Brain Development

Our brain has two hemispheres, the LEFT brain, also known as "digital brain" and the RIGHT brain, "analog brain". About 95% of our children use only the LEFT brain. They fail to use the RIGHT brain which is the seat and origin of intelligence. The left & Right brains have their own specialized powers & functions. Our task is to activate bot parts of the brain simultaneously. By using both the parts of the brains, students can fully utilize their potential


Mental Arihmetics

In a Bakhshali Neurobics math class, the pupil uses the visual channel (eyes), the auditory channel (ears) and kinesthetic (motor memory), and tactile (hands) to learn. With it;

  • • Memory & attention span is elevated
  • • Better logical reasoning is developed
  • • Self-confidence is enhanced
  • • Conceptualization is created
  • • synergy of left and right brain is produced
  • MathMagic


    Become a Math Magician & conquer the Math world. We;

  • Minus your fear for Mathematics
  • Add your skills for Mathematics
  • Multiply your Understanding for Mathematics &
  • Divide our Knowledge of Mathematics
  • After School

    After School Math Classes

    Bakhshali Neurobics arranges special classes for learners of all levels, age group & skills. We categorize our stdents into follwing 3 categories;

  • Challengers
  • Strugglers
  • Gifted
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