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Our School Trip-A memory of Joy

Our School went on a trip to Science Museum, University of Engineering & Technology & Joyland. What a wonderful experienec it was. We shared moments of joy, happiness, halla gulla & learning, all n one, with our class fellows, teachers & admin staff...

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Almost a year ago, I made the decision to study EEE at Imperial. This post will be about the things I wished I knew before coming to Imperial.

How long must I study?

First year EEE is split into 3 terms. Autumn Term from late September to early December, Spring Term from early January to late March and Summer Term from early May to end May before exams in early June....

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How to Set Effective Limits for Your Child?

You've probably heard that kids need limits. I myself used to question this premise. But what I learned by watching kids is confirmed by research findings in neurology. As children are faced with the necessity to rein in their impulse toward something they want (for instance, to grab the toy from the baby), so they can have something they want more (a warm, happy connection with you), they learn self-control. So our limits actually teach kids to set limits for themselves, which is otherwise known as self-discipline....

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