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From more than 180 countries, there are more than 430 000 international students studying in China either non-degree or degree courses.

China's Education System
More than 2,000 years ago, there were students from Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Mongolia and the Arab States who came to China to study. However, starting from the 19th century, China began to build modern universities. After the founding of The People's Republic of China, an increasing number of universities started to set up. So far, 300 out of 1983 universities are enrolling foreign students. During the 1950's, Chinese universities began to accept students from Vietnam and Eastern European countries. As China's economy develops, coming to China to study became a trend. In 2008, there were about 23 million foreign students studying in China. As China's economy continues to develop, a number of private language and culture schools in some large cities started to set up language and culture education specifically for foreigners.
Internationally Recognized Universities
Chinese university graduates are welcome by leading universities in North America, Europe, Japan, Australia and other countries. Every year, there are about 20 thousand students who graduated in China that go to the aforementioned countries to study. As of April 2009, the Chinese government has signed the mutual recognition agreements with 64 countries and regions.
Advantageous Subjects
China's higher education has a good reputation. China's manufacturing industries have strong international competitiveness. University graduates are welcomed by the universities of United States, Canada, Australia, Britain and other European countries. Many overseas Chinese graduates work in Silicon Valley, Wall Street, famous universities and world-class laboratories. Aside from Chinese language, traditional Chinese medicine, martial arts, history, philosophy, sports, and Chinese folk arts (music, dance, painting, etc.), China's engineering courses (including machinery, irrigation, manufacturing, electricity, electronics, communications, computer , software, information technology, aerospace, building construction, civil engineering, chemical engineering, mining engineering, petroleum engineering, geology, marine, environmental engineering, etc.), science courses (including mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology), medicine courses (including clinical, surgical, imaging, nuclear medicine, medical engineering), economic courses (including trade, economics, management), MBA, as well as finance and other areas all have very good quality.
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