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Living in China
Chinese people are friendly and hospitable. Some people in big cities or university students can understand English, they are happy to help students from around the world. Once you come to China, you will feel that you're starting a happy life.
Major modes of transportation in China are airplanes, trains, intercity high-speed trains, inter-city bus, bus, subway, taxi and so on. China's transportation is very well-developed and cheap. China has the world's longest highway network, and almost every two cities are connected by highways. China's high-speed trains can run up to 300 kilometers per hour, large cities have subway.
You may need the following:
1. Map of China 2. Map of Beijing subway 3. Links to websites about China (; 4. Chinese University Yellow Pages
Some major cities' cost of transportation
Beijng Shanghai Guangzhou Subway About 30 cents About 40-120 cents About 40-120 cents Bus 10-20 cents About 30 cents About 20-40 cents Taxi About 30 cents per kilometer About 40 cents per kilometer About 40 cents per kilometer
Chinese Cuisine
Chinese cuisine is famous around the world. There are the spicy tastes of Sichuan and Hunan cuisines; there is also the delicate flavor of Huaiyang (Shanghai) cuisine. Generally speaking, in China's southeastern coastal cities, the food is lighter and refreshing. While in China's inland and northern areas, the food tastes heavier. China's universities offer a variety of flavors and dishes for students to choose from, it also include choices especially for Muslim students. In China, common dining costs around 3-5 dollas, while dining inside the university costs less than 2 dollars.
Daily Products
The daily products in China are very affordable. All universities have convenient stores inside or near them, where you can buy your basic necessities. Usually, a good pair of jeans cost 20 dollars, while a suit may cost 30 dollars. A pair of socks cost 50 cents, a book bag costs 3 dollars, 5 dollars for a T shirt. . . You can buy all the things you need at a very cheap price. Even a new 32-inch LCD TV costs less than 500 dollars.
Most Chinese universities provide very good and comfortable dormitories especially for international students. The dormitories usually have private bathrooms for every room, TV, Internet access, washing machine, refrigerators and even a small kitchen. You can also choose to rent an apartment outside the university. But it usually costs more.
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