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Edex Pakistan

EDEX started functioning in 1988 & registered in 1995 in South America. EDEX PAKISTAN started its operation in Pakistan in 2000. It has enjoyed its continued success since its establishment as one of the best educational firm. We invested more than 25 years in learning to lead in the new millennium. By the grace of almighty, today, we are 2nd to none. We committed ourselves to education & delivered quality, we offered training & developed out-performers; we engaged ourselves in research & channelled creativity; we ventured to publishing & disseminated knowledge; we opted for consulting & provided virtual solutions. A decade of evolution predicts that the revolution is to stay. The milestones achieved so far are certain that EDEX PAKISTAN is a total learning institution, a gateway to knowledge cosmos. More than 10 educational firms worldwide are our PARTNERS in different countries, strengthening our organization.

EDEX PAKISTAN is an organization, creating opportunities & understanding cross culturally across the borders without any & every kind of discrimination. EDEX PAKISTAN works day & night to provide an opportunity of international education up to every single human being. EDEX PAKISTAN works & serves for the benefit of its members, institutions, students, & organizations with an interest in international education mobility, bridging the gaps between nations.

EDEX PAKISTAN believes that knowledge, education advances learning & scholarship, builds respect & understanding among different nations & produces constructive leadership in a global community.

Knowledge Prince

Edex Pakistan’s education project is not only a source of catering to the knowledge need of the public of Pakistan but also a concrete and expensive effort towards the inception and progress of people's knowledge, brotherhood and will assist in development of the society on firm and moral ground.

With this project Lahore ka Knowledge Prince has stepped into a practical field but in order to color this framework the sincere co-operation of the sympathizers is needed.


Edex Pakistan issues ranking lists of Schools, Colleges & Universities. These lists are city wise, district wise & Province wise, Whereas we are still working for our first National Ranking List.

Educational Expos

Our mega events "Educational Expos" are once a year event city wise. This mega event hosts variety of activities.

Family Fair

Edex Pakistan manages Family Fairs allover Pakistan in major cities. This event is always managed alongside with our Educational Expos.

Skills Pakistan

Professional development

To prepare each Skills Pakistan member for entry into the work force and provide a foundation for success in a career. Becoming a professional does not stop with acquiring a skill, but involves an increased awareness of the meaning of good citizenship and the importance of labor and management in the world of work.

Community service

To promote and improve good will and understanding among all segments of the community through services donated by Skills Pakistan chapters, and to instill in its members a lifetime commitment to community service.


To increase student awareness of quality job practices and attitudes, and to increase the opportunities for employer contact and eventual employment.


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