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Career Counseling

Career counseling provides support, information, and guidance to students and alumni at many different points in their careers. Through individual meetings, one-half hour or one hour in length, career counselors assist students through the career development process.

Lesson one

Career Resource Center

The Career Resource Center (CRC) is a comprehensive center offering:
  • career counseling,
  • employment counseling and resources,
  • workshops,
  • special events,
  • and job search resources
  • We are here to help students and alumni through all the stages of their career development process.
    Lesson two


    Once you know your preferred direction, you will need to research the various careers within the field you have chosen. You will also need to research the career path progression. It's important to know not only what your next career move will be, but also where your career may lead in two, five, ten and twenty years. We refer to this process as career path planning. When you know what your career path is, then it is time to research potential employers in your chosen field. We have featured some sites that are great at providing employer and career information.


    The PAISA Assessment

    We first provide the child with a full PAISA(Pakistan Academic & Intelligence Student Assessment) Assessment to assess where help may be needed.

    The assessments we provide vary depending on what the child may be experiencing difficulty with. Assessments can cover Mathematics, English, Reading and Spelling, or a combination of any of these elements. The tests are selected depending on your child’s age. An 11+ plus assessment will look at Verbal and Nonverbal reasoning as well as mathematics and English. In general, assessments take from one to two hours to complete and are designed to thoroughly test a child’s ability and standards of achievement. Each of the PAISA Assessments is linked to the national curriculum. It is the results of these first assessments that are fed into the PAISA program that help us create a personalised learning plan.

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