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Confirm Scholarships

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Algorismi Scholarships

Application Deadlines:March 10 / Annual

Students of Algorismi -The School in any of its campuses are eligible for talent scholarships. All position holders of all classes get confirm scholarships.
  • Application can be downloaded here
  • Ali - Zaib Scholarships

    Application Deadlines:March 10 /Annual

    Studens can apply for these need based scholarships.
  • Application can be downloaded here
  • Masaud - Najma Scholarships

    Application Deadlines:March 10 /Annual

    Studens can apply for these need based scholarships.
  • Application can be downloaded here
  • Light Point Scholarships

    Application Deadlines:March 10 /Annual

    Studens can apply for these need based scholarships.
  • Application can be downloaded here
  • Parent-hood Scholarships

    Application Deadlines:March 10 /Annual

    Studens can apply for these need based scholarships.If, God-forbid any of Algorismi student's father(or manin source of income) dies or becomes permanently injured. School offers life time full support scholarship.
  • Application can be downloaded here
  • UNCF•MERCK Science Research Scholarships and Fellowships

    Application Deadlines:March Annual

    The UNCF•Merck Undergraduate Science Research Scholarship Awards are intended to help African American undergraduate students who are interested in science to further their science education and potentially pursue science careers. The UNCF•Merck awards provide tuition support and opportunities for research experience in a state-of-the-art research facility.

    AAAS Minority Science Writers Internship

    Application Deadlines: March 01, Annually

    Science and technology increasingly shape our world. New discoveries and inventions have exciting outcomes, but can also lead to unexpected consequences. Science writers have the opportunity to explain those discoveries, and what they mean, to the public. Even though science is a global activity, the demographics of the journalists who cover it don't reflect that diversity.

    ABA Diversity Scholarship

    Application Deadlines:

    The ABA Diversity Scholarship focuses on broadening the number of traditionally under-represented groups in the management and operation ranks of the transportation, travel, and tourism industry. Eligible candidates must have completed, at a minimum, their first year of college at an accredited university; must have a declared major Actuarial Diversity Scholarship

    Application Deadlines: May 02, Annually

    The Actuarial Diversity Scholarship was formed in 1977 as a joint effort by the Casualty Actuarial Society and the Society of Actuaries. The door to the actuarial profession has been opened to hundreds of minority students over the years. In 2008 this Scholarship program was transferred to The Actuarial Foundation to further strengthen, increase and to assure the continuation.

    Catawba College's McCorkle Scholarships

    Application Deadlines: February 14, Annually

    The McCorkle Scholarships are the most prestigious scholarships at Catawba.Consideration for the McCorkle Scholarship is by invitation only. In order to be considered for an invitation, students must first apply for admission to Catawba. Those subsequently invited to compete must provide a recommendation from a teacher or administrator and submit an essay of approximately 400-600 words.

    College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP)

    Application Deadlines: March 15, Annually

    The College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) is a federally-funded grant available only during your college freshman year. You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident, be obtaining your GED or high school diploma, and be seeking a four-year academic degree to be eligible. You and/or your family must have been migrant or seasonal farm workers doing agricultural activities.

    ACS Scholars Program

    Application Deadlines: March 01, Annually

    The basic criteria remain the same for all components fo the American Chemical Society Scholars Program. Application to the basic American Chemical Society Scholars Program automatically places the applicant in consideration for the sponsored components. The number and duration of scholarship awards is subject to available funding and the intent of the co-sponsoring group or organization.

    • NUST Need Based Scholarship (NNBS)

    NUST provides NEED BASED SCHOLARSHIPS to its selected Under Graduate and Post Graduate students of fresh entry every year on the basis of their financial need. The final merit for award of NNBS is generated on the basis of need of the student and his/her admission merit.

    • Chief Minister Education Endowment Fund (CMEEF)

    Scholarship Programme for Talented students of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa under “Chief Minister Education Endowment Fund (CMEEF)” Introduction: Higher Education Department, Govt. of KPK has allocated 5 x scholarship slots under Chierf Minister Endowment Fund for undergraduate students enrolled in 2015 at NUST. The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of merit cum-affordability. How to apply: Students can apply by submitting NNBS scholarship application forms to the NUST Financial Aid Office, PGP.

    • Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF) and Department For International Development (DFID) UKAID Scholarships

    Undergraduate LEVEL SCHOLARSHIPS Sponsored by Peef & DFID Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF) and Department for International Development (DFID) - UKAID have jointly offered 37 x scholarships to meritorious and needy Undergraduate students of NUST in the year 2015-16 ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA In order to qualify to apply for the scholarship, the student must have: Punjab domicile.

    • Prime Minister's National ICT Scholarship Programme

    Prime Minister’s National ICT Scholarship Program has been a flagship HRD initiative of National ICT R&D Fund. Program’s out-reach to talented students of underserved areas has made it a true success story. National ICT R&D Fund has been a scholarship awarding partner of NUST since 2007.

    • HEC Pak-USAID Merit and Needs Based Scholarship Program

    The Pak-USAID Merit and Needs based Scholarship Program Phase-II is focused on providing opportunities for access to higher education especially to under privileged candidates who, despite possessing academic merit, are unable to finance their education. The scholarship is not restricted to tuition only, but extends to accommodation and living expenses. The Executive Committee of the National Economic Council.

    • Deferment of Tuition Fee & Subsistence Allowance Deferment of Tuition Fee Needy students who are unable to pay the fees are allowed deferred payment on case to case basis but they are given degree after repayment of balance amount. Minimum 50% of fee is to be paid by the student in each semester with remaining 50% amount to be cleared before award of certificate so that the students can get some jobs. Subsistence AllowanceIn order to ensure equal opportunities. • Other Opportunities

    Following financial assistance opportunities are also available: • Students can also apply on their own for any other scholarship, such as those offered by (a) Higher Education Commission (HEC) (b) Shell Pakistan(c) Baitul Maal (d) Provincial Government Endowment Fund Schemes (e) Siddique Shafi Trust (f) Atlas Foundation (g) PEC etc (h) CARMUDI Scholarships for UG Students.

    • Assistance-ship for Postgraduate Students

    Assistantship for Postgraduate Students Teaching and Research Assistantship may be awarded to suitable postgraduate students who may be willing to assist the faculty not only in the conduct of undergraduate classes but also in carrying out research during the normal working hours of the institution. Eligibility Criteria Students who secure a minimum GPA of 3.5/4.0 in 1st semester and maintain it above 3.5/4.0 throughout.

    • Financial Assistance for Undergraduate Students

    In case of students registered in the semester system, which include all Engineering, Computer Science, Applied Biosciences, Business Studies, Social & Natural Sciences and Art/Design & Architecture, the financial assistance will be awarded on the basis of performance in semester exams. Students securing Semester GPA 3.5 or above will be eligible.

    • Merit Based Masters and PhD Scholarships

    Merit Scholarships Merit based scholarships and research grants are given to 20 Masters and 4-5 PhD students each year pursuing studies in IT and Telecomm Sector. The Masters and PhD awardees are paid monthly stipend of Rs. 18,000/- and Rs. 30,000/- respectively. Students having good academic record and high research potential are given merit based scholarship to augment their academic & research progress.

    Most Popular Scholarships

    Scholarship Country Funding Level
    Fulbright Scholarship USA Fully Funded Masters/PhD
    Erasmus Mundus Europe Fully Funded All
    Common Wealth Scholarships Common Wealth Nations Fully Funded All
    Chevening Scholarship UK Fully Funded All
    CSC Scholarships China Fully Funded All
    Agha Khan Scholarship Various Fully Funded Masters/PhD
    Malaysian Int'l Scholarship Malaysia Fully Funded Masters/PhD
    Clarendon Fund oxford UK Fully Funded Masters/PhD
    e8 scholarship Anywhere Fully Funded Masters
    Spanish Becas Spain Fully Funded Masters/PhD
    ADB Scholarship Asia Fully Funded Masters/PhD
    Islamic Development Bank Scholarship USA Fully Funded Masters/PhD
    Fulbright Scholarship Anywhere Fully Funded Masters/PhD
    Peace Oslo Scholarship Norway Fully Funded Masters/PhD
    Reach Oxford Scholarship UK Fully Funded Masters/PhD
    Ausaid Scholarship Australia Fully Funded Bachelor/Masters/PhD

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    Scholarships Pakistan

    Pakistani students fulfill basic applying criteria of approximately 2.1 Million scholarships available worldwide. There are more than 5000 fully funded international scholarships where only Pakistani nationals can apply. Unfortunately, 99% scholarships go unattended & Pakistani students do not apply. As a matter of fact every undergraduate or graduate student must apply for international scholarship at least once in life. Most of the scholarships are not merit based, but need & region based. Scholarships Pakistan is helping students to identify & apply for different international scholarships.

    Services for Institutions

    Scholarships Pakistan is a social enterprise that creates custom scholarships, tuition assistance and other education-focused programs for corporate, foundation, institutional and individual clients. We offer following FREE services to the Institutions;

    • Teachers Training & Staff Development on “HOW & WHERE TO APPLY FOR INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS?”

    • How to prepare “Personal Professional Profile”

    • Awareness workshop & Seminars for the students

    Along with Workshops & Seminars for the students we also offer following FREE services to the Students;

    • Personal Assessment according to Scholarship

    • Counseling about specific Scholarship

    • Guidance on how & where to apply

    We offer free seminar & workshop on” HOW & WHERE TO APPLY FOR INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS”

    Date & venue will be set according to your convenience.

    Our Help Areas for Students

    Personalized Guidance

    Assessment of applicant

    Suitable Scholarship Search

    Issuance of Eligibility to apply for Scholarship

    Compatibility Report

    Re – writing of Curriculum Vitae

    Filling Scholarship Applications

    Re – Writing Statement of Purpose (SOP)

    Suggestions for Research Proposal/Synopsis

    Sample Recommendation Letters (Professional & Academic)

    Experience/Job Certificates

    Sample Reference Letters

    Schematic Relativity Coherence

    Meeting deadlines

    Course/Degree Relevance & pointing target groups

    Help in writing Career goals

    Application’s presentation upliftment

    Help in Applying for admissions to the universities

    Visa File preparation

    Visa Interview preparation

    Travel arrangements

    Pre – departure briefings

    Post – arrival orientations

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