Grants & Loans

Student Loans and Grants

Student Loans and Grants Introduction

Loans – money that you pay back

Grants – money that you do not pay back


The Governments offer Student Loans to eligible full- and part-time post-secondary students in most territories. Eligibility for Loans and Grants

Need assessment tables can help you figure out whether or not you might be eligible for financial assistance. The estimator will give you an idea of how much money you could receive. <4h4>Grants

You may be entitled to money in the form of grants, to help finance your post-secondary education. Grants do not need to be paid back. If you qualify for a Student Loan, you are automatically assessed for most Student Grants. You may be eligible to receive more than one grant.

• Grant for Students from Low-Income Families

• Grant for Students from Middle-Income Families

• Grant for Students with Dependents

• Grant for Part-Time Studies

• Grant for Part-time Students with Dependents

• Grant for Students with Permanent Disabilities

• Grant for Services and Equipment for Persons with Permanent Disabilities

How to Apply for a Student Loan?

Step 1:

Find out if you are eligible for a Student Loan

If you received a student loan in the past, check your lifetime limits on student financial assistance.

Step 2:

Get a Student Loan and Grant application form

One form is all that you need to be assessed for loans and grants.

Step 3:

Complete the application form

Complete and send your application form

Step 4:

Check your mail or email for your Notice of ssessment

Your Notice of Assessment will tell you if you qualified for a loan and grant. You may receive it through the mail, online or by email.

Step 5:

Review your loan documents and confirm enrolment with your school

If you are approved for full-time funding, you must review your Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement:

Step 6:

Sign your student loan documents

Make sure you fully understand your responsibilities and commitments before signing. Your loan agreement is a legal document and your signature means you agree to be bound by its terms and conditions. Once you're sure that all the information is correct and you have read and accepted the terms and conditions, sign your agreement.

Step 7:

Submit your loan documents

Submit your completed and signed Certificate of Eligibility and Student Loan Agreement

Step 8:

Wait for your money to arrive!

Your loan or grant money will be deposited directly to your bank account or forwarded to your school to pay your academic fees

Most Popular Scholarships

Scholarship Country Funding Level
Fulbright Scholarship USA Fully Funded Masters/PhD
Erasmus Mundus Europe Fully Funded All
Common Wealth Scholarships Common Wealth Nations Fully Funded All
Chevening Scholarship UK Fully Funded All
CSC Scholarships China Fully Funded All
Agha Khan Scholarship Various Fully Funded Masters/PhD
Malaysian Int'l Scholarship Malaysia Fully Funded Masters/PhD
Clarendon Fund oxford UK Fully Funded Masters/PhD
e8 scholarship Anywhere Fully Funded Masters
Spanish Becas Spain Fully Funded Masters/PhD
ADB Scholarship Asia Fully Funded Masters/PhD
Islamic Development Bank Scholarship USA Fully Funded Masters/PhD
Fulbright Scholarship Anywhere Fully Funded Masters/PhD
Peace Oslo Scholarship Norway Fully Funded Masters/PhD
Reach Oxford Scholarship UK Fully Funded Masters/PhD
Ausaid Scholarship Australia Fully Funded Bachelor/Masters/PhD

Apply now for Loans or Grants

Scholarships Pakistan

Pakistani students fulfill basic applying criteria of approximately 2.1 Million scholarships available worldwide. There are more than 5000 fully funded international scholarships where only Pakistani nationals can apply. Unfortunately, 99% scholarships go unattended & Pakistani students do not apply. As a matter of fact every undergraduate or graduate student must apply for international scholarship at least once in life. Most of the scholarships are not merit based, but need & region based. Scholarships Pakistan is helping students to identify & apply for different international scholarships.

Services for Institutions

Scholarships Pakistan is a social enterprise that creates custom scholarships, tuition assistance and other education-focused programs for corporate, foundation, institutional and individual clients. We offer following FREE services to the Institutions;

• Teachers Training & Staff Development on “HOW & WHERE TO APPLY FOR INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS?”

• How to prepare “Personal Professional Profile”

• Awareness workshop & Seminars for the students

Along with Workshops & Seminars for the students we also offer following FREE services to the Students;

• Personal Assessment according to Scholarship

• Counseling about specific Scholarship

• Guidance on how & where to apply

We offer free seminar & workshop on” HOW & WHERE TO APPLY FOR INTERNATIONAL SCHOLARSHIPS”

Date & venue will be set according to your convenience.

Our Help Areas for Students

Personalized Guidance

Assessment of applicant

Suitable Scholarship Search

Issuance of Eligibility to apply for Scholarship

Compatibility Report

Re – writing of Curriculum Vitae

Filling Scholarship Applications

Re – Writing Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Suggestions for Research Proposal/Synopsis

Sample Recommendation Letters (Professional & Academic)

Experience/Job Certificates

Sample Reference Letters

Schematic Relativity Coherence

Meeting deadlines

Course/Degree Relevance & pointing target groups

Help in writing Career goals

Application’s presentation upliftment

Help in Applying for admissions to the universities

Visa File preparation

Visa Interview preparation

Travel arrangements

Pre – departure briefings

Post – arrival orientations

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